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First time fully equipped squatting (single ply) in almost 7 years.

After my last competition in early January, I knew I had 11 months before my next one so I decided to do some slightly different things.  Some for variety's sake, some because I have weakpoints that I've consistently neglected over the last couple years.

One of the things I started doing once I got back into the gym was gradually implementing overload (in comparison to raw/classic) squats using knee wraps.  After a number of weeks getting re-acclimated with squatting in knee wraps, I decided I'd break out my old Titan Super Centurion squat suit and go all-in on the overload work.

I last used this suit in August 2010 when I lifted in the Niagara Open.  At that time, I was walking around at 228 lbs but had cut weight to make the 220 lb weight class.  Because the squat suit was originally purchased when I was walking around at 250 or so and competing in the 242 lb weight class, it didn't provide near the carryover I had enjoyed just a few months earlier when I lifted at …