Transformation (in progress)

I wasn't always fat, this was me at 19
I was 205 lb in 1995 (29 yrs old).

I got up to 250 by 2005 (39 yrs old)

This recent post fills in some gaps between  the ages of 22 and 41 
I hit bottom at 299 lbs in Nov 2007 (41 yrs old)

285 lbs at first competition of 'comeback' (41 yrs old)

228 lbs in Aug 2010 (43 yrs old)

250 lbs in Jan 2011 (44 yrs old)

Since hitting a low of 228 lbs in August of 2010, I've yo-yo'd back up to 250 lbs and back down to a current 231 lbs as of November 2011.  It's an everyday struggle to control my diet but my ultimate goal is to get my bodyweight down to 205-210 and maintain that going forward.  While most of my posts document my powerlifting training, I also plan to use my entries to also hold myself accountable for sticking with my plan.
231 lbs in late December 2011 (45 yrs old)
Still holding at 230-235 lbs as of mid-February 2012 but I still have goals of dropping another 15-20 lbs.  It may take another year but I'm in it for the long haul so short-term time frames aren't critical.

More pics and details of my story here: 

Update: since 2012, the slow ratcheting of my bodyweight has continued.  In the almost 5 years since the last status, my weight has bounced between 218 and 235.  In January 2017, I competed at 104 kgs (229 lbs) after a weight cut (walking around weight at that time was 106-107 kgs) and achieved my best powerlifting results ever at the age of 50.  After that meet I decided that I was going to make a serious effort to finally get down to 200-205 lbs, a weight I haven't been since 1995.  As of May 2017, I'm at 101 kgs walking around weight and still on track to make it down to 93 kgs by my 51st birthday in late August.

Jan 2017,  weighed about 106 kgs/234 lbs by the medal ceremony

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